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At WI-her Jewelry & Readings, we pride ourselves in the quality of gemstones, metals and other natural materials we use. Because we source natural materials, often in person, the gemstones and other natural materials used in our collections can vary at times in color, clarity, shape and size. All metals used in our pieces are lead and nickel free.

Below is a list of the primary materials and metals we use, and proper care instructions.

Gemstones and Freshwater Pearls

We use semi-precious and natural stones. While often these stones can vary in shape and size, we cull most unacceptable samples prior to the making process, and do our best to utilize stones that fit the overall size, scale and quality of the finished design.  Our gemstones are natural, and should be lightly cleaned of body oils and debris with mild soap and warm water applied directly to the stone or you may use a soft polishing cloth (sold separately).

Wire Used

Sterling Silver

Argentium Sterling Silver

Gold Filled


Tarnish Resistant Silver

Tarnish Resistant Copper

A soft polishing cloth (sold separately) can be used to clean and shine metal material. The polishing cloth that you can purchase on this website can clean brass, gold, silver and copper. If you choose to use a different type of cloth ensure that it can clean the type of metal you are cleaning. 

General Cleaning and Care Guidelines

  • Store jewelry in anti-tarnish bag (provided with order) after each use. 

  • Do not wear your jewelry in water nor allow direct contact from perfumes, oils and lotions

  • Due to the many different stones in our jewelry, we do not recommend using harsh cleaners on your jewelry or 'dipping' your jewelry in a solution.

  • Remove jewelry before bed & physical activity. 

For the gemstone candles: Please see below for how to care for your candles.

-Do not burn candles for more than 4 hours at a time. If candles are lit longer than 4 hours at a time, this could lead to the wick's traveling down the wick thus coming in contact with the glass causing it to crack.

-Do not burn candle when 1cm of wax remains in then glass. 

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