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Wi-Her Story

The name Wi-her is two fold: Wire & Why Her

​Wires connect objects and components where in my case my handmade jewelry is designed to connect people to their higher selves with intention. The metaphysical properties within the gemstones along with my creative touch can become a conduit to your higher self.

On the other hand, Wi-her also focuses on a common question that we as women ask,"Why her?" Rather than it be a question of despair, jealousy, or confusion, let the answer be why not? Why not become empowered, why not become attuned with your higher self, why not lift one another up?​

As we are connecting to our higher selves and ordering our steps, guidance is a key that can be a form of praise, constructive criticism and/or validation. This is why tarot readings are an additional service that is offered.


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" I received a Five Sense Experience and it was absolutely amazing. Stella is one of a kind. Thoughtful, beautiful pieces that truly empower and harness the inner good. 

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“I absolutely LOVE my custom pieces!  


This is one set of many to come.

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Carrie Saxon

OMG I love my note its so great I love it its the best just what I needed on this day

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